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QuickBooks for Mac 2021

QuickBooks is an incredibly versatile and efficient accounting system that customers and businesses can use for managing operations and finances. And while many know it to be mainly Windows-compatible, QuickBooks has been releasing versions that are Mac compatible over the last few years. These versions allow Apple users to enjoy the same efficiency of the product that only Windows users had been privy to earlier. However, while it has been made available for Mac users, there is still a limitation to what kind of users can use this version and the things that businesses should keep in mind before jumping into using the program. So, here is everything about why you should (or should not) use the QuickBooks for Mac 2021.

QuickBooks for Mac is one of the most comprehensive and developed accounting programs available for Mac systems. However, certain aspects have come to light based on user experiences that can help you make better decisions regarding whether it is suitable for you or not. As per reviews on Software Advice, the program ranks incredibly high in the aspects of ease in usage and functionality. This means that not only can you use the program easily, but that it can meet the different needs of the users well. However, it ranks lesser in the areas of customer support and value for money. This can be mainly since not many features have been rolled out yet for Mac users as compared to Windows users while the pricing is a bit higher.

Similar reviews can also be seen on the review site Merchant Maverick, where the overall rating of 3 stars has been given to the program. According to the review, the main area where it lacks is regarding the integrations supported (or rather, not supported) by the program. Since third-party integrations have become crucial in the modern way of operating, this can be considered a serious drawback. The same opinions are also reflected in the review site TrustRadius, where users have given it an average rating of 7.3 out of 10. The main complaints can be observed to be regarding the lack of support for QuickBooks for Mac users as compared to Windows users. Furthermore, complaints regarding the features being backdated as compared to the versions for Windows users can also be observed to be common.

In this regard, it can be identified that there is much scope for improvement in the QuickBooks for Mac software to ensure greater satisfaction and functionality for the users.

QuickBooks for Mac Pricing and Users

The QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus product includes even better and more enhanced features than the 2021 subscription. With guaranteed unlimited customer support and improved functionality with five new features, the 2022 version aims at resolving many pain points faced by customers in the previous versions of the application. For such enhanced functionality, the pricing of the application can be considered considerably affordable and cost-efficient.

1 User$349.99 for 1 year
2 Users$549.99 for 1 year
3 Users$749.99 for 1 year

With the newest subscription, you can choose between the options for 1 user, 2 users, or 3 users and the prices for the product will vary accordingly. Although usability for up to 3 users is provided by QuickBooks for Mac, you need to be aware of the issues regarding the multi-user facility of the program before you decide to purchase it.

What Businesses Should keep in mind before using QuickBooks for Mac 2021

QuickBooks is guaranteed to incorporate value in the way you operate your business and carry out tasks. However, there are also a few things that you need to keep in mind. These can be labelled as shortcomings in the QuickBooks product for Mac. However, being aware of these can help you stay prepared to deal with them when using the program.

  • Data integrity and security: Data integrity and security errors are a common occurrence when using QuickBooks for Mac. While the issue can be resolved by simply closing and then relaunching the application, it is not uncommon and most definitely not specific to you. For this purpose, if you repeatedly face the error, you can talk to customer care or look for solutions on the QuickBooks online forum.
  • High possibility of user error: User errors are also highly probable, especially regarding multi-user usage. These errors can range from being unable to open company files to the program crashing when opened in the multi-user mode.
  • Less functionality compared with QuickBooks for windows: One of the known disadvantages of QuickBooks for Mac is that the functionality and features are less compared to QuickBooks for Windows. So, if you wish to experience the same level of efficiency and functionality as the Windows products, the experience can be a little disappointing.
  • Who QuickBooks for Mac Is Not a Good Fit For: While the QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus is slightly gaining more efficiency with each new version and each update, there are still certain users who would not gain much functionality by using the program.
  • Mobile users: QuickBooks for Mac is not suitable for those who work while on the move due to issues regarding accessibility. This is since the system needs to be downloaded onto your computer to operate it. For such users, the QuickBooks Online program can be much more suited, which grants the same efficiency but over the online platform and without any need to comply with OS-related specifications.
  • Businesses seeking an affordable monthly plan: The QuickBooks for Mac is an efficient program that also needs you to buy the software for a flat annual fee. So, if you would much rather go for a Mac-compatible software that gives you the freedom to pay flexible monthly fees, then QuickBooks for Mac is not suitable for you.
  • Distributing or manufacturing businesses: The lack of integration and many other features offered in QuickBooks for Windows is a major disadvantage of QuickBooks for Mac. So, if you are a business that needs multiple other functionalities, such as inventory management and multinational currencies, then you can look for alternatives better suited to your needs.

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QuickBooks for Mac Features for 2021

The latest version of the QuickBooks for Mac product comes with multiple features and benefits for all users. These features make your experience much smoother, allowing you to get maximum efficiency out of the way you use the product to manage organizational tasks and accounts. Among these features, the features of automated payment reminders, statement e-payment, combining invoice emails, sales tax codes 1099 filing, and new transaction status stamps are some of the most beneficial features.

  • Automatic payment reminders: With QuickBooks for Mac, you can set automatic payment reminders so that your customers do not miss any payments. Setting this feature up allows you to determine the frequency of these reminders, and emails with the reminders will be sent to your customers according to the frequency determined by you. In this way, your customers will always stay aware of all pending invoices and pay on time.
  • Statement e-payments: Along with sending reminders to your customers and clients, you can also send them statements with payment links to make the payment process easier for them. You can send these statements by email which allows them to pay the pending invoices easily as well. After payment too, the feature allows them to download payment details with one click, and the payment is reconciled automatically, making the entire process smoother and more efficient for you and your customer.
  • Combine invoice emails: With the new QuickBooks for Mac, you can also combine multiple invoices of the same customer in one single email. The main benefit of this feature is that not only does it allow you to keep track of all the pending invoices of your customer, but also grants them the efficiency to pay for all of them at once. This can also act as a record-keeping tool where you can be assured that your customers are constantly made aware of all pending invoices.
  • Sales tax codes: Sales tax codes can help you to stay clear of any penalties by applying the right codes and paying all the sales tax on time. With QuickBooks for Mac, mac users can easily record and calculate sales tax for NGOs, out-of-state orders as well as many other districts efficiently.
  • 1099 filing: The QuickBooks for Mac product allows you to speed up the process of filing Form 1099 electronically and in the most efficient manner possible. Neither would you need to fill the special forms manually nor would you need to pay extra for the expensive forms. The electronic process also enables you to process them simultaneously and mail them once the filling is done.
  • New transaction status stamps: With the newest version of the QuickBooks for Mac product, you can use the new stamps available for each transaction to quickly review their progress and manage the transactions accordingly. Among the new transaction stamps, you can see which transactions are “Cleared,” “Paid,” “Pending Non-Posting,” “Void,” “Closed,” “Past Due,” and “Received in Full.” This can help you filter out those that need immediate attention and make sure that all customers have paid their invoices on time.

QuickBooks for Mac Pros & Cons

Since QuickBooks for Mac is a product that is still developing to give users better functionality, there are both pros and cons of the system. Analyzing these pros and cons can help you get better insight into whether the program is actually suited to your needs or not.

  • Pros
    • The newest version comes with the latest security definitions and features to give you far greater functionality and efficiency than the previous versions.
    • Since customer support had been a topic that led to much dissatisfaction among customers previously, the newest version focuses on delivering unlimited customer support for all your queries.
    • Automatic payment reminders to help you get paid faster for unpaid and pending invoices.
    • Easy payment facilities for customers through statements and multiple invoice emails with payment links.
    • Simplified sales tax process with easy and electronic filing.
    • Electronic filing of 1099 without any extra effort or time needed for processing.
  • Cons
    • Usage is limited to just 3 users which limits the way larger organizations can use the program.
    • Lack of third-party integrations can also be considered a major con, especially since now almost all businesses have shifted operations online. This means that integration with other such platforms can help keep transactions in place, which is not supported by QuickBooks for Mac.
    • The lack of supporting multi-currency features can also be considered a drawback for businesses that deal with international clients and currencies. Amid the current and rapid globalization trends, the need for the system to support multi-currency is urgent and crucial, the lack of which can be detrimental to organizational growth.
    • QuickBooks for Mac is considerably less efficient than QuickBooks for Windows, which can deter users who wish to gain the level of efficiency provided to Windows users.
    • Previous issues regarding data integrity and security are also probable to be present in the latest version, which can interfere with your overall experience.
    • Multi-user errors can also hinder the way businesses use the product.


In conclusion, it can be said that while QuickBooks has become a much-renowned name in the area of accounting facilities and services, its variant for Mac systems is one that users have been somewhat disappointed with in the past. While the newest version offers many added features and developments, it will take some time for this version to gain the same level of efficiency as that provided by QuickBooks for Windows users. In this regard, the existing cons regarding the lack of data integrity and security along with errors regarding multi-user operations can further deter customers from using the latest version. That being said, unless Intuit can provide the level of efficiency provided to Windows users to Mac users as well, the QuickBooks for Mac product may not get many takers even with the newest version.

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