QuickBooks Payroll Training

QuickBooks is one of the most efficient accounting systems available for small companies to manage all their bills, invoices, expenses and other finance-related tasks and requirements. Apart from these, another extremely crucial task that you would need to learn while using QuickBooks in your company is managing payroll. However, managing payroll through QuickBooks can be slightly difficult, especially if you are not familiar with the system and how to go about it. For this purpose, the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll training comes to your rescue! The training course makes sure that you are aware of every aspect of using QuickBooks Desktop to be able to manage employee payroll efficiently. Let’s get to know about it some more!

How QuickBooks payroll works

QuickBooks Payroll is an add-in feature that you need to purchase when purchasing your QuickBooks software. It is a cloud-based application that lets you manage aspects like health benefits, auto payroll, 401(k), 1099s, and much more, depending on the plan you choose. And further depending on how you want to manage such operations, QuickBooks Payroll operates through three options – Basic Payroll, Enhanced Payroll, and Assisted Payroll. Depending on the option you choose to manage your employee payroll, the method of working also differs:

  • Basic Payroll: It is a manual payroll management option where you collaborate with your accountant to file tax forms and undertake all payroll management tasks.
  • Enhanced Payroll: Although this is also a DIY payroll management option, QuickBooks helps you with the necessary tax forms. However, in order to do this, the payroll processing fee is higher.
  • Assisted Payroll: In this option, all employee payment activities are managed with the help of QuickBooks. Following such payments, Intuit takes care of all documentation requirements to ensure a thorough payroll process.

So, choose the method that suits you the most and then you can get the most out of the QuickBooks Payroll software. 

How to get mastering QuickBooks Desktop Payroll?

While the QuickBooks Payroll software is an incredibly efficient tool, you need to be familiar with the program and its many features to make the most out of it. This is especially crucial since the features of the program change every year with regular updates. And so, the online repository of resources to help you navigate the software becomes outdated with each update as well.

For this purpose, the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll training tool can be a huge asset for you in managing your employees and their wages. The training course is a comprehensive feature that familiarizes you with how to properly manage employee wages, address any mistakes in the process and handle difficult payroll transactions all on your own. In this way, not only will you get better accuracy in terms of managing employee payroll but you can save sufficient time that would have otherwise been spent on managing such tasks manually.

You simply have to pay the cost of the training course online and you are done! As soon as the order is placed and the payment is successful, you will get the login details right in your mail inbox. Then, simply login with the given credentials at your convenience and you will be on your way to master the intricacies of the QuickBooks payroll software.

Advantages of QuickBooks payroll training

There are many advantages of getting enrolled in the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll training course. Some of these are:

  • Revisit the classes whenever you like: It is easy to miss out on some crucial points when you learn something in class. But in the QuickBooks payroll training course, you can revisit the classes however many times you want to fully grasp and understand each and every concept.
  • Become a certified user: Qualified and certified users of QuickBooks have greater credibility in their competencies, and enrolling in this lesson can prepare you to get certified. You need to take an exam in order to get certified, and while others would need to pay for this service, it is completely free for you along with the Mastering QuickBooks Payroll course.
    • Guaranteed quality in class: QuickBooks takes pride in the lessons and so, you are guaranteed that you will only be given the best training to make you an expert in managing payroll. However, if you are dissatisfied with the course or it is not delivering what you expected it to, then you have 30 days from the purchase date to get a full refund on your purchase.

What you’ll learn in QuickBooks payroll training?

The QuickBooks payroll training course is a comprehensive and intricate course designed to make you well-versed with the many features and facilities. For this purpose, the course has been divided into 7 topics that will help you master the entire process efficiently.

After you complete the course, the training guarantees to:

  • Make you familiar with the payroll cycle from the very beginning to the very end.
  • Help you identify all the requirements with setting up payroll within your company.
  • Help you distinguish between contracted workers and permanent employees and how payroll differs for both.
  • Help you find crucial and helpful resources that will be essential in running payroll activities.


Set Up

Learning the many requirements associated with setting up is the first course of action to initiate payroll in your workplace, and so, it is the first thing you will learn in this training course. In terms of the setting up process, this course will help you with:

  • Getting familiarized with the payroll interview process screen-by-screen
  • Identifying the various ways in which you can provide compensation to your employees
  • Recording external benefits that you wish to provide your employees, such as health benefits, insurance, and a retirement policy
  • Learning how to calculate employee sick leave days and vacation days
  • Recording and safekeeping personal employee information, such as address and personal documents
  • Ensuring that the correct taxes are deducted correctly
  • Keeping timely records of the year-to-date data for each worker
  • Comparing the different payroll structures and identifying which one is the most suitable for you
  • Teaching employees how they can use the program to view their payroll information
  • Scheduling automatic payments for workers online


Later Changes to Payroll

In a very probable scenario, you may need to change your payroll process or modify items later on. So, it is crucial to be able to know how you can make such changes to the system later on so that you are always on top of the payroll management game and can customize your system to your needs. So, the training course can also help you with:

  • Identifying situations where new changes to the existing payroll method need to be introduced.
  • Adding or deleting employees as your workforce structure changes in the future.
  • Customizing and modifying employee wages, taxes to be levied, as well as their leave days (sick leaves or vacation days).
  • Entering and setting up new and essential payroll activities.

Since no payroll system remains the same from the inception of the company to even 6 months later, you must become familiar with how such changes can be introduced to the system. In this manner, if your company grows in the future, you can easily add new employees to the payroll or change the items involved with payroll, such as adding more benefits or reducing the working hours assigned to the employees.


Time Tracking

Tracking the time that employees have been working is crucial when dealing with contractors. And while manual login systems can be effective, using an online platform can be more accurate to calculate the exact hours for which employees have worked. So, when you want to manage working times on the QuickBooks payroll software, this training course will help you to:

  • Efficiently set up parameters for time tracking of permanent company employees
  • Record tracked times on timesheets every week for ensuring proper and accurate payments at the end of the month
  • Record times worked by contractors and subcontractors to efficiently calculate pay
  • Create invoices for customers for time
  • Create and run reports to assess employee productivity based on tracked times

Calculating the working hours of employees is crucial to identify those who contribute more to the company through their productivity than those who slack off. Furthermore, for contractors who get paid on an hourly basis, such tracking systems can be beneficial in calculating their pay as well. In this way, you can ensure that your year-end reporting is also done accurately and efficiently.


The Payroll Cycle

The payroll cycle involves all the requirements of managing employee payroll from one payroll date to the next. So, with QuickBooks payroll software, you can easily manage all the necessary tasks between such cycles and ensure that all documentation and benefits are also dealt with efficiently. In this regard, the course will teach you how to:

  • Generate employee paychecks for the cycle duration, be it weekly payment cycles, bi-weekly payment cycles or monthly payment cycles.
  • Print the generated paychecks and pay stubs to be filed for end-of-year recording and reporting purposes
  • Pay due taxes and other expenses for benefits awarded to employees (such as health benefits, insurance, retirement pay-outs, etc.) for the specific payroll cycle

Managing each payroll cycle is crucial and by learning how to do such things, you can easily become efficient in keeping all such expenses up-to-date with each cycle. In this way, by accurately calculating the payments to be made for each cycle, you can ensure maximum employee productivity and performance as well.


Tasks for Quarter-End & Year-End

Managing and maintaining documentation for each year-end and quarter-end also requires you to be efficient and diligent. This can help ensure that all transactions are in order and the necessary documentation regarding the payroll has been filed properly. So, with regard to the quarter-end and year-end requirements for payroll management, this course will help you get familiar with how to:

  • Generate a 941 form properly for filing with the IRS
  • Create, fill, and submit the relevant forms for State Unemployment
  • Generate a 940 form properly for filing with the IRS
  • Create, fill, and submit W-3s and W-2s
  • Become familiar with the best reporting methods and reports for payroll
  • Create a summary of all the organizational payroll data using Excel

Since proper and accurate quarter-end and year-end reporting is crucial, the training can help you ensure that all the tasks regarding payroll are managed properly. And by helping you fill and submit all the necessary forms and documentation, you can also be assured that you are reporting responsibly to the IRS. This can prevent any issues later on regarding insufficient documentation regarding payroll management.


Common Transactions in Payroll

There are a bunch of common and general transactions that you need to be aware of if you wish to use the software properly. Since these tasks are basic requirements when using any software for payroll, this course will familiarize you with how to:

  • Calculate employee gross pay by entering their net pay for the month
  • Create and record termination cheques for departing employees
  • Determine and enter adjustments to be made to employee wages
  • Track sales commissions with the help of setting up sales reps for each transaction or account
  • Make payments for the commissions identified as per the previous point regarding tracking sales commissions
  • Cancel pay checks so that it does not get debited from your account once submitted by the employee
  • Customize your payroll system by adding personalized items that may influence the wages you pay to employees and contractors, such as state tax withholdings
  • File a refund request on the deposit made by a tax agency
  • Get a better understanding of how you can adjust your overdue taxes and other forms of liabilities
  • Establish and monitor compensation policies and practices for workers

These are the very basic tasks that you should be able to accomplish using any payroll software, not just QuickBooks. However, since the software can be a bit complicated, completing this course will help you identify exactly where each item or feature is.


Payroll Tips, Tricks, and Workarounds

Apart from the ways in which managers can manage employee performance and productivity, employees can also do the same. And there are many other tips and tricks associated with working with the software that extends to both the employers and the employees. Some of these crucial tips and tricks that you will learn from this course are:

  • Recording expenses in payroll that both the worker and the supervisors have contributed towards.
  • Choose a location where you can easily access and review your profit and loss structure.
  • Write and establish additional but essential roles, such as expenses to a particular job.
  • In the case of loans in the water, you can easily track the status of the loan from the purchase of that loan to the repayment by the employee!!!

With benefits in carrying out such crucial tasks, you can easily make the most out of the system available to you. This course can, thus, help you immensely in becoming more successful and efficient when it comes to managing all known and unknown, common and rare functions and features on QuickBooks!

What’s included in QuickBooks payroll training

While the training course will cover all the above topics to make you proficient in managing payroll, there are much greater benefits that you will get with your purchase of the training course. With these benefits, you are assured to learn everything there is to know about the payroll function. These benefits include the availability of free updates to the program for life, getting access to lessons in the highest quality with full high-definition videos, easy availability with the videos being available anywhere and on any device, and comprehensive and all-inclusive training regarding the accounting basics on QuickBooks.

So, let’s explore these features one by one!


Free updates – for life!

One of the most comprehensive and the most beneficial benefits is that you get a lifetime worth of free updates on the course without any additional costs! After purchasing the product once, you can be assured that regardless of any future updates in the QuickBooks Desktop versions, you can get updated lessons regarding the same without any extra charges. In this way, you can keep working to make your organizational payroll system more comprehensive and suited to your needs even years down the line.

That is why, although you need to make quite an investment to buy the training program, it will add to the value of your organization and how you use QuickBooks for your company. Since it will be an asset that keeps on giving, you will never regret enrolling in this course in the first place.


Full High Definition video

Since the classes are provided in the form of videos taught by QuickBooks experts, you will get access to the highest quality, full HD videos for all topics mentioned above. With the full HD quality, you can pause the video anytime you want and you will never see a pixelated screen. Furthermore, you can also change your screen dimensions to one that meets your viewing needs the most! Be it as a full screen, with a smaller format, or if you want to do a split-screen viewing experience and write notes on the other half, it is up to you. Experiment with the different dimensions and you will never have to worry about a disrupted viewing experience.


Access to all the courses: Anywhere. Anytime.

You can also get access to the videos anytime you want regardless of where you are! Regardless of which device you are using, you can get access to the lesson videos with ease. The only thing that is needed is a stable internet connection since these videos are not available for download. As long as you have your device in hand and a stable internet connection by your side, you can watch the videos as many times as you like from anywhere you want!

So, even if you want to review and revisit a certain topic even after 6 months, you can have a look at the videos and slowly build your expertise and competency in the topics. In this way, you can consider that you are covered with a trusty assistant at your side at all times, who will take you through all the features and functions whenever you want.


Everything you need to know to master QuickBooks “A to Z,” and understand the “behind the scenes” accounting basics

This training course is designed in a manner that you will be able to understand the “A to Z” of payroll management on QuickBooks by going through all the videos. And this is not only with regard to managing payroll on QuickBooks but also with regard to accounting in general. This means that not only will you get to understand the workings of accounting and payroll in QuickBooks but you will also get a deeper understanding of the task of accounting in general. In this manner, you will be able to apply logic and consistency in the way other accounting tasks are managed and operated, helping you lend value to the way your organization operates.


In this manner, it can be understood that the “Mastering QuickBooks Desktop Payroll” is a comprehensive training course that takes you through the many topics and functions you will need to use when using QuickBooks for payroll. Through the detailed training spanning across 7 topics, you can not only get an understanding of how payroll works in QuickBooks, but you can also understand exactly how different tasks of accounting contribute to the overall value of your organization. As a result, through this course, which has unlimited access, free updates for as long as you want, crystal clear HD videos, and an all-inclusive lesson plan, you will not be left alone when managing complex accounting tasks within your organization. You can be assured that whenever you are confused about some feature or task, the QuickBooks training course is always at hand to help you with it.